My Story

The Trendy Transcriber

MY Vision

I wish to promote the ability for woman or men with out any higher education or  large initial investment, can invest in themselves with a career in transcription

My Mission

Be a mentor, sounding board, coach, pupil, and promoter of work at home transcriptionists everywhere

To me, transcription is the art of listening. It’s a written record of a spoken story. I feel like every day when I “Go to work” I get to hear a brand new story. It could be about a company, a product, or a person, but it’s always a new story with a new ending.

Every object, person, and place has a story to tell. I'm the one that gets to write them all down.

- Lauren Thorud

Meet Lauren

A Little about me

I never dreamed that i would have the opportunity to work from home, on my own schedule, choosing my own hours.

And then I discovered transcription. As a subcontractor, i consider myself a business of one. transcription has given me the freedom  to control my work life, and now you can too.



I have subcontracted for several companies, as well as managed a few of my own clients.



Grammar and Punctuation are my forte, and exploring the world of blogging is a passion of mine.


Graphic Design

Looking to promote your personal brand or your new transcription business? Let me help you spread the word and make a lasting impression.


(aspiring)Web Developer

Learn along with me as I explore the world of website programming. 


Transcription Coach

Looking for a little more encouragement and one on one direction? Let me help you find your way.


Bead Jewelry maker

I enjoy making bead jewelry and collecting beads in general.


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Transcription Coach

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I have had experience with nearly every type of transcription, from 15 person focus groups to one speaker keynotes.

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