FTW Transcriber: What’s Trendy in Transcription Software

I am always on the hunt to try different types of transcription tools. If it has a free trial, I’ve probably tried it. But I always end up coming back to the same program, FTW Transcriber.

I know, everybody swears by Express Scribe. I do own both systems, and they both have their uses. But lately, FTW Transcriber has been my go-to. There are a few reasons why I love that program.

The Out of this World Audio Quality

Even before I started using FTW as my leading transcription software, I would use it to go over the inaudible that I had when using Express Scribe. Audio files are just a lot crisper and cleaner when using FTW Transcriber.

Express Scribe does have the audio manipulation tools built-in, but I always felt that they didn’t do a whole lot. I would end up using WavePad or something similar to manipulate the audio anyway.

FTW Transcribe Plays a Ginormous Range of Audio Types

You’re everyday MP3, they got that. Wav file, yep. No problem there. MP4? Video files are no problem for this software either. I’ve started out attempting to use Express Scribe and then switching to FTW because Express Scribe couldn’t handle the audio or video file I was trying to play.

They also hook you up with a generic file converter, just in case. I will also add that FTW Transcriber can play files on a drive or on a remote disk, so you can play files off of remote servers without downloading. Downloading is so 2015.

Custom Hotkeys

Yes, we all know that being able to customize hotkeys for playing back files is excellent. But did you know with FTW Transcriber you can also create your own hotkey templates? Allow me to explain.

In addition to customizing your timestamps, FTW allows you to create customizable hotkeys for things like [inaudible] or (crosstalk). You can even use them for tricky names or words. And if you want to throw that timestamp in there too, there are ways to make every [inaudible 00:00:00] fit whatever specifications your client’s heart desires. Did I mention automatic timestamps?

Automated Timestamps

No more looking at the minutes every 30 seconds. Set it and forget it. FTW Transcriber takes care of the timestamps for you, saving tons of, well, time.

Speaking of specifications.

Create Personalized Configurations

Configuring timestamps and other software formats can get time-consuming and just downright annoying. FTW Transcriber allows you to save your configurations. That way, after client X’s transcription with the [00:00:00] timestamp is finished, switching over to (00:00) for client Z is a breeze.

Foot pedal Compatible

Using your foot pedal to control the audio is no problem here. FTW is compatible with most major foot pedals. And you can switch up the lefts and rights too.

Great Customer Service!

Another thing I have to applaud FTW Transcriber on is their customer service. If you have a problem with your software, shoot them an email, and you better believe someone will get back to you. Even when I wrote about it in my previous blog posts, someone from FTW shot me an email about the rewind skipping problem I was having.

Personable, helpful, and dedicated to their customers. And it was no problem switching to my new computer when my old one sadly died. I’m still trying to dig out my license number for Express Scribe Pro, but with FTW all it took was an email.

The Price Is Right

Seriously, a two-year license of FTW Transcriber is half as much as Express Scribe Pro. And just like Express Scribe, there is a free version. But for about a dollar a month for two years, the full version of FTW is 100% worth it.

Take FTW Transcriber for a test drive here! And when you upgrade use offer code TrendyT for a discount.

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