My Story


Every time I explain what I do for a living,  someone asks me how I got started.


Personal life

A Minnesota native, Lauren enjoys spending time outdoors whenever possible. In addition to transcription, she also enjoys making her own jewelry.


Growing up, Lauren’s father was a small business owner, instilling a sense of loyalty and customer service at a young age.


Trust and quality work are two pillars when it comes down to business. As well as a commitment to your customers and yourself. Do good work and you’ll always have something to be proud of.

Why Did You Start Transcribing?

How I Got My start

Well, I was broke. And it’s not like I didn’t have a job, I did. Just not a very good one. Well, some days it was. I was a waitress at a Chinese food restaurant. A 50-year-old Chinese food restaurant. Get another job, you say? Well, it wasn’t quite that easy.

My mother was sick. And I’m not gonna go into details, but needless to say, having a full time away from home job at the time would have been impossible. So I was just barely scraping by, unable to leave my mother at home for an entire day while I went out and looked for another job.

So as any logical millennial would do, I got online and started looking up ways to make money from home. What could I, a semi-educated (I never finished college), non-technical, almost 30-year-old possibly do online that would help her secure a full-time income?

Let me tell you, I’ve tried nearly everything when I stumbled upon this little website called I took their transcription test, and what do you know, I was hired on my first try. Never mind that I was fired a few months later (I still had much to learn), my foot was in the door and so began the beginning of my becoming a business of one.

Want to Work From Home?

Don’t be afraid to dream big. If you want to become a transcriber, come learn what knowledge I can share. I  make mistakes every day, and I’m not afraid to learn from them or share the experience.

Already a transcriptionist? Please share what knowledge you have. There’s always more to learn.

Dream Big, Start Small

And always keep an eye out for the opportunity you didn’t know what there.

Don’t be afraid to send me an email with any questions.


Thank you,