5 Online Courses for Audio Typists and Transcriptionists

Get a Career as an Audio Typist or Transcriptionist and Work from Home

Entrepreneurs Getting an online typing job is a great work from home opportunity for anyone. It doesn’t take a lot to get started, and the start-up cost is slim. However, one of the best ways to succeed in a transcription career is by enrolling in a training program.

Transcriptionists that enroll in a transcription course learn the necessary information to succeed in an audio typist career. Audio Typists are given access to training files and learn essential grammar and punctuation skills.

Students learn all of the tools they need to start a business working from home successfully. Basically, by enrolling in a transcription course, you are setting yourself up for success.

Transcription isn’t just about listening to the words and typing them out. If you want to be a full-time transcriptionist, you must learn to manage your time, resources, and taxes!

Do Transcriptionists Have to go to School?

Short answer, no. Long answer, audio typists benefit a lot from going through a training course. Medical transcriptionists, to become certified, go through some training most of the time. All in all, to set yourself up to receive the highest wage, a transcription course is the way to go.

Also, the best audio typist jobs on the market will be much more likely to hire you if you are certified. Most Transcription Certification programs also support students after graduation. They help students to build their business make it a success.

Each student is assisted after the experience of the program. Students are not just tossed out after graduation. Most programs have a policy which helps students get job information, and access to many other benefits. Students who score high often receive internships and a step up in their careers as audio typists.

So Which Transcription Program Is Best For Me?

That all depends on you. There are many different programs, suiting the study style of different types of students. You also must choose if what transcription niche you would like to enter.

Here’s a brief overview of the three main choices:

Medical Transcription

Medical transcriptionists listen to voice recordings that physicians and other healthcare professionals make and convert them into written reports. Audio typists interpret medical terminology and abbreviations in preparing patients’ medical histories, discharge summaries, and other reports.

Extensive medical terminology and medical background are needed to become a medical transcriptionist, which is why most companies require medical audio typists to become certified.

Legal Transcription

Legal transcriptionists are contracted by attorneys and other legal professionals to transcribe legal dictations and assist in creating documents such as legal agreements, contracts, depositions, and legal pleading documents.

Legal transcriptionists work in both office settings and as independent contractors. Formal training is not required to work on legal transcription jobs, but experience in a legal setting such as a law office is often preferred.

Legal documents often have special formatting which you learn in legal transcription courses.

General Transcription

General transcription covers pretty much all other types of transcription. Many medical and legal audio typists start with general transcription and then work their way into the legal or medical field.

General transcription covers business transcription, academic transcription, and many other subjects and fields. A general transcription course will give you a good base no matter which specialty you decide is best for you.

How to Choose a Transcription Course That’s Right For You

Students who wish to complete an online transcription certificate need to determine if they want to pursue employment in the medical or legal fields. Classes are accessible in either industry as well as general transcription.

Sessions can be fully or partially online, generally, take about a year to finish and do not expect students to produce their specialized transcription tools.

Schools Offering Online Courses In Transcription

This list is by no means every School that offers online courses in transcription, but here are some of the more well known.

Transcribe Anywhere

Transcribe Anywhere offers courses in both general and legal transcription, designed to take from 2 – 4 months. Each certificate course has three modules, and they are all self-paced.

Transcribe Anywhere is taught by a transcription veteran. The courses are designed to help you with not only transcription skills, but with the knowledge of how to run your own transcription business. Because, as a self-employed audio typist, basically what you’ll be doing.

Transcribe Anywhere also offers support to its graduates for finding clients and jobs after graduation. The courses offer quizzes, typing practice, videos, even marketing tutorials to help you get clients. If you are still unsure if a career in transcription is right for you, there are two free mini-courses available for general and legal transcription.

Estimated Cost: General – $597, Legal – $697

Time To Complete: Self-paced – Approx. 2 to 4 months

Transcription Certification Institute

A group of transcription industry veterans formed the Transcription Certification Institute. Transcriptionist, agency owners, editors, and proofreaders all formed the group. This meeting of the minds created as a way to ensure that transcriptionists received the training they needed.

Only one course is offered. However, it seems to cover both general transcription and the basics of legal. After course completion, if you score high enough, you will be offered an internship. They also have many other resources for audio typists on their website.

Estimated Cost – $699

Time to Complete: Self-paced – 21 days recommended

Penn Foster

Penn Foster Career School provides programs and services that are designed to meet the unique needs of the adult learner. If it’s a nationally accredited course that you are after, this would be it.

Penn Foster offers accredited online career diplomas for both Legal and Medical Transcription. Both courses are self-paced and are said to take around five or six months.

Some of the classes in the Legal Transcription program include Microsoft Word, Excell, Time and Stress Management, Legal Terminology, The U.S. Court System, Legal Research, and Interpersonal Communications. The Medical program includes Medical Billing and Coding, Body Systems and Medical Terminology, Law, Ethics, and Confidentiality in Allied Health, and Pathology and Pharmacology. All of them aim towards taking the test to become a certified medical transcriptionist.

Estimated Cost: Legal Program – $939 Medical Program – $619

Time to Complete: Self-paced – 6 months

U.S. Career Institute

They offer only a Medical Transcription course, but the course they do offer is one of the more detailed. They offer a deep dive into the world of medical terminology and coding.

Graduates from this program are said not even to have to sit for the exams. Their course completion is said to be enough for most employers.

Estimated cost: $1,239

Time to Complete: Self-paced, as little as four months


Along with Transcribe Anywhere, BlueLedge is approved by the AAERT (American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers). They offer courses in legal transcription and court reporting.

They specialize in offering courses to court reporters, legal transcriptionists, paralegals, and even lawyers. They have a very comprehensive course, perfect if you are looking for a career in legal transcription. They have different packages and blended packages so that prices may differ.

Estimated Cost: For the full package – $1,598

Time to Complete: Self-paced – Four to Six weeks

So Which Program Is Right For You?

Do your research! Many of these courses have payment options, so don’t get caught up with sticker shock. Look into their curriculum and platforms. There may be some other benefits they offer that fit into your lifestyle. Also, don’t forget to explore outside of this list, there are many different programs offered locally or online that may have benefits just right for you.

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